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Nr: 23
June- 2006

Regele Mihai I de România, la Braşov
The King?s Visit
La visite du Roi
25 de ani de la aselenizare
The Cosmos conquered from Braşov
Il Cosmos conquistado da Braşov
Mesaj pentru militarii români din Irak
Supporting the Mission in Iraq
Appuyer la mission en Irak
Appoggiare la missione in Irak
Un loc mirific
A beautiful place
Un bel endroit
O localitate străveche: Vama Buzăului
The Howling Water
L?eau hurlante
L?Acqua urlante
Împuşcatul cocoşului
Shooting the Scape ? rooster
Le tir au coq expiatoire
Pigliare due ... gali ad una fava
Buneştiul atractiv
Fleurs, histoire et vaches
Fiori, storia e mucche
Cata ? satul pisicilor
The Cats? Village
Le village des chats
Homorodul medieval
History and Horses
Storia e Cavalli
Zilele Predealului
The Life at 1159 m
La vita a 1159 m
15 ani de înfrăţire Rupea ? Denderleeuw
Belgian Friendship
Amitié belge
Microenterprises and macrohistory
Microentreprises et macrohistoire
Strategia CCI Braşov
The Chamber?s Strategy
La strategia della Camera

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The Life at 1159 m


The resorts range on Prahova Valley starts with Predeal town-resort, located at the very spot where the road crosses Carpathian Mountains from south to north, making of it the highest settlement in Romania (1159 m).
The environment ? a depression well sheltered by Bucegi, Baiu, Piatra Mare and Postavarul Mountains ? is very benefic for the town. The medium temperature is 14şC during summer and -5şC on winter.

Predeal?s Days
During the last years, the Local Council and the Town Hall kept organizing ?Predeal?s Days?, an event that attracts countless Romanian and foreign tourists. This year, the event took place on 19-21 May and included recitals of some well-known artists, the beauty contest ?Miss Predeal? organized in collaboration with ?Vilett Mod? Fashion House of Braşov, entertainment performances, rollers and bikes contests, graffiti and asphalt drawings. ?People of Predea narrate? was in invitation for a fascinating tour into the town-resort, while the ?Winter Nostalgia? uncovered the ski history in Predeal. The visitors were invited to participate at the various workshops organized for them on different topics such as theatre, piano, guitar, painting, modern dance.

Triangle Shape
Located at Prahova and Timis rivers? parting line Predeal is one of the most beautiful mountain area of Romania. The settlement?s development followed the rift, where houses and villas have been erected on the parcels sold by the Royal House in 1897. The buildings have been extended then between Carmen and Rozmarin Hotels and Cioplea Mountain since 1921. Predeal has the shape of a triangle, having its base oriented towards north, on the highest pick line. The town-resort connects the capital Bucarest, 143 km distant) and Braşov (25 km), the historical regions Walachia and Transylvania, the north-west and the south-east of Europe, through the modern road DN1 - Bucarest-Brasov-Oradea and the European road E60 (Constanta ? Brasov ? Targu Mureş ? Cluj Napoca ? Oradea ? Hamburg). Its administrative structure includes today Timisul de Sus, Timisul de Jos and the resort Paraul Rece.

Natural Parks and Reserves
There are many tracings starting from Predeal towards the fascinating world of the natural parks and reserves: the National Park Bucegi, the National Park Piatra Craiului, the reserves of Ciucas Mountains, Postavarul Massif, Lempes Fortress Hill, The Oaks of Cristian, Dumbrava Vadului ? The Daffodils Glade, the Swamps of Harman-Prejmer-Stupini, the Basalt Columns of Racos.


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