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Nr: 22
May- 2006

Afaceri între Braşov şi Leeds
Business Contacts with Leeds
Contatti d?affari con la città di Leeds
Fondurile structurale
Funds and Programs
Fondes et programmes
Fondi e programmi
Colegiul Prefectural
The Prefecture?s College
Le Collège Préfectoral
Sculptorul totemic
The totemic Sculptor
Lo scultore totemico
Fonduri europene la Budila
Budila is ready to join the UE
Budila è pronta ad entrarre nell?UE
Plugarul la Cuciulata
The Ploughman?s Custom
Il Costume dell?Aratore
O privatizare de succes
A successful Privatization
Une privatisation de succès
Una privatizzazione esitosa
Miracolele din Şinca
The Temple of Miracles
Le Temple des Miracles
Il Tempio dei Miracoli
Tradiţiile romilor
The Gypsies? Traditions
Les traditions des gitans
Turism antistres la Zărneşti
Anti-stress Tourism at Zărneşti
Tourisme anti-stress à Zarneşti
Profesioniştii muntelui
The Mountain?s Professionals
I professionisti della montagna
Şah la Predeal
Chess at Predeal
Scacco a Predeal
Zilele Braşovului
The Braşov?s Days
I Giorni di Braşov
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?Fleurs de Ţara Bârsei?

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A successful Privatization



SC Avicod SA Codlea, under the leadership of General Manager Dionisie Manole, has been ranked in 2006 at the 6th place at national level and the first one in Braşov county, after passing, two years and a half ago, through the clearing sale process. ,,We operated a privatization by clearing sale process and a horizontal distribution of the activity in four components: one day chicken farming, poultry farming for meal, poultry meal?s industrializations and merchandising and green crop production. Each component is a self contained company, entering each other into contracts, although acting independently. Avicod, the company I?m running, sells thorough its own brand stores poultry and turkey meat, has its own distribution network and sells by the lump? General Manager Dionisie stated.

New Markets and Supermarkets
Avicod has started from zero and managed to realize in 2003 a production of 300 t poultry meat, 500 t in 2004, 650 t in 2005 and 1.000 t in 2006. Everything based on huge work, long day program, with 140 employees working as a team. By the end of the year, the number of employees will reach 200, as a result of the production?s growth.
The destination of the production that Avicod realizes at present is a specific market share; the policy promoted by the direction is to conquer new markets and supermarkets. The penetration of new markets will be possible thanks to the implementation of a new technique, which will function starting from October 2006. The new technology provides a more tasty meat and increases the term of guarantee from four-five days to eight-ten days.

Genetic Material from Holland
In October 2005, Avicod bought and placed at the disposal to several big hatchery holders another high-capacity farm, ensuring the slaughter-house?s activity. ?The genetic material comes from Holland; the companies we are collaborating with provide us the poultry and, newly, the turkey meat. The production farms must be distant from the hatcheries for safety reasons. We also hold carrier vehicles and we got a new truck fleet. The up-to-date technologies we posses and the streamlined farms make us competitive in whole Europe. Thanks to the investments we made we yield a 1000 t poultry meat production; by the end of the next year we will reach 500 t/per month of turkey meat? is the manager?s forecast.

Stable on the Market
Avicod Codlea SA accesed, through SAPARD Program, 3 million euros, the most valuable project of the entire county. Because the bureaucracy, the documentation phase took nine months. In February 2006 the project has been started, to be finalized in May 2007. Money will enter in two trances: the first one for the starting up of the new technological line and the second one to be used for a modern environment plant. The direction of Avicod SA Codlea is optimistic about the company?s future and hopes the company will be stable on the market once Romania will join the European Union.


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