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Nr: 22
May- 2006

Afaceri între Braşov şi Leeds
Business Contacts with Leeds
Contatti d?affari con la città di Leeds
Fondurile structurale
Funds and Programs
Fondes et programmes
Fondi e programmi
Colegiul Prefectural
The Prefecture?s College
Le Collège Préfectoral
Sculptorul totemic
The totemic Sculptor
Lo scultore totemico
Fonduri europene la Budila
Budila is ready to join the UE
Budila è pronta ad entrarre nell?UE
Plugarul la Cuciulata
The Ploughman?s Custom
Il Costume dell?Aratore
O privatizare de succes
A successful Privatization
Une privatisation de succès
Una privatizzazione esitosa
Miracolele din Şinca
The Temple of Miracles
Le Temple des Miracles
Il Tempio dei Miracoli
Tradiţiile romilor
The Gypsies? Traditions
Les traditions des gitans
Turism antistres la Zărneşti
Anti-stress Tourism at Zărneşti
Tourisme anti-stress à Zarneşti
Profesioniştii muntelui
The Mountain?s Professionals
I professionisti della montagna
Şah la Predeal
Chess at Predeal
Scacco a Predeal
Zilele Braşovului
The Braşov?s Days
I Giorni di Braşov
?Flori din Ţara Bârsei?
?Fleurs de Ţara Bârsei?

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Budila is ready to join the UE



Budila commune, 18 km distant from Braşov, is an ancient settlement, dating back to the XIII century. The most ancient document attesting its name dates back to 1211. The location between hills and planes fostered occupations as the agriculture and the husbandry.
The commune is an average locality, populated by Romanians, Magyars and Gypsies. The local council and the town hall established several projects in order to allow the commune to access funds from the European Union through SAPARD, RICOP ansd PHARE Programs.

SAPARD Project
Trough the SAPARD program the commune unfolded the two-phases project for the water-supply network: ?The rehabilitation of the water-supply system started in 1997; seven springs were underpinned in Blidaru area, in a drainage basin, with a capacity of 300 mc. The second phase continues through the SAPARD program by installing 12 km of water-pipe and 22 drinking fountains. The project?s value amounts to 9,5 billions ancient Romanian lei, an irredeemable amount? Constantin Galborcea, the mayor of Budila stated

Projects for the gypsies
Mayor Galborcea gathered around him a team that established various projects through the RICOP program; the money were used to rehabilitate the community centre, the buying of a heat plant for the local school and the construction of the lightning network, extended to the gypsies? neighbourhood. The town hall will unfold soon a roads reconditioning eligible project through PHARE funds. Other funds granted by the World Bank allowed the renewal of the local dispensary, containing an accommodation for the doctor.

Ecologic Wastes Ground
Another project which involved the commune concerns an ecologic wastes ground project, to be initiated within a year and a half, in collaboration with the communes Tărlungeni, Vama Buzăului, Prejmer and Teliu. The commune also accessed projects for the sewerage network, the building of social habitations for gypsies and an accommodation centre for the gypsy children of the area

The ?Lady-bird? Centre
The ?Lady-bird? Centre was established by the Direction for the Child?s Rights Protection Braşov. Fifteen cute little gypsies are accommodated at present into the 25 places centre, fitted with state-of-the-art endowments. Several educators and keepers take care of the children, who enjoy every day a pleasant time in a natural park.

Ready for Europe
Mayor Galborcea invites the investors in Budila, an area at the foot of the mountains Ciucaş and Buzăului, with favourable conditions to develop the rural and environmental tourism. ?There are business opportunities, labour force, land and wood working facilities. Our public administration is prepared to join the European Union and we are proud to possess en ecologic area? mayor Galborcea induced.


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