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May- 2006

Afaceri între Braşov şi Leeds
Business Contacts with Leeds
Contatti d?affari con la città di Leeds
Fondurile structurale
Funds and Programs
Fondes et programmes
Fondi e programmi
Colegiul Prefectural
The Prefecture?s College
Le Collège Préfectoral
Sculptorul totemic
The totemic Sculptor
Lo scultore totemico
Fonduri europene la Budila
Budila is ready to join the UE
Budila è pronta ad entrarre nell?UE
Plugarul la Cuciulata
The Ploughman?s Custom
Il Costume dell?Aratore
O privatizare de succes
A successful Privatization
Une privatisation de succès
Una privatizzazione esitosa
Miracolele din Şinca
The Temple of Miracles
Le Temple des Miracles
Il Tempio dei Miracoli
Tradiţiile romilor
The Gypsies? Traditions
Les traditions des gitans
Turism antistres la Zărneşti
Anti-stress Tourism at Zărneşti
Tourisme anti-stress à Zarneşti
Profesioniştii muntelui
The Mountain?s Professionals
I professionisti della montagna
Şah la Predeal
Chess at Predeal
Scacco a Predeal
Zilele Braşovului
The Braşov?s Days
I Giorni di Braşov
?Flori din Ţara Bârsei?
?Fleurs de Ţara Bârsei?

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Funds and Programs


The first of January 2007 is on the Romanian agenda as the date when Romania will join the European Union; therefore, the president of the County Council Braşov, Aristotel Căncescu, always refers to both benefits and duties the county has to assume in the next period.
President Căncescu recently remarked that the amount of the pre-accession funds of PHARE, ISPA and SAPARD Programs has increased, along with the capacities to use them: ?Those programs were an exercise to the access to the Structural Funds, meant to familiarise the user with the philosophy et the requirements of those kind of financing. The preparation period is not over yet. The regional institutional construction still continues, assisted by the German experts team within the Twining Convention to be unfolded between the Centre Development Agency and Brandenburg Land in Germany?

Viable Projects
The County Council also directs the regional planning activity. The accomplishment of the Regional Development Plan for the period 2007-2013 is another basic condition to attract those resources. ?We need viable projects, prepared for the financing. We must identify, document and establish the priorities of those projects, in order to obtain the maximum of effects in the communities beneficiaries of those assignments? Căncescu stated.

Local Co-financing
Accomplishing the projects suppose to identify the resources for the local co-financing, so that the County Council?s contribution could join as quickly as possible the financer?s one, in order to better implement the project. ?It?s up to us to ensure a successful passage to the Structural Funds. Our development is conditioned by the way we?ll manage to use those financial support instruments that the European Union puts at our disposal?.

Water and Roads
Aristotel Căncescu met recently the BERD?s representative in order to establish the agenda of the works in the infrastructure field and appreciated the way that Compania Apa Braşov ? the local water plant supply, unfolded until now the ISPA project: ?Compania Apa Braşov will be soon become a commercial company, following the voting within the county council. Thanks to the good management of the program, the interests will decrease from 4% to 2%? Căncescu stated.
As fare as roads are concerned, the reparation works will start as soon as possible. Within 45 days the companies that will execute the reconditioning will be selected, so that the works could start in August. A traffic study will establish the roads to be restored.


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