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Nr: 22
May- 2006

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Chess at Predeal


The Romanian Chess Federation, in collaboration with the City Hall Predeal, the Local Council Predeal and ?The Queen Gambit? Sporting Club Ploiesti, organized in the gymnasium of Predeal, on 12-14 April 2006, The National Chess Championship for Children and Juniors. Much to the organizers? astonishment at the edition of this year, more than 500 youngsters from the whole country, with ages from 10 to 18 years, attended the event.

Little and big Masters
The referees? team led by the chief referee Radu Chirila was composed of 12 members; their were joined by two federal delegates, in search of some new talents. The children were accompanied by their parents, most of them ex-chess national champions Among them was Marin Mihael, member of the Olympic team, who will participate in May at the Chess Olympiad in Turin, Italy. His son, Victor Marin, ten years old, one of the participants to this championship, obtained promising results.

Valuable Competitors
Chief referee Radu Chirila remarked that was for the first time in last few years that the number of the participants increased. ?In 1989-1990, 7000-10.000 children used to attend this kind of competitions; two years ago, only 2-300 took part at the contest. We are very happy to see that this year we gathered 500 competitors. The Romanian Chess Federation keeps the evidence of the juniors. The most valuable of them are registered in the International Chess Federation. Among the very talented chess players I?d like to mention Robin Dragomirescu, 16 years old, who obtained promising results at the last year Chess European Championship, Ioan Cristian Chirila., 16 years old, a special pride of mine because he?s also my son, awarded at the last three years European Championships, and Andrei Moraru, 20 years old, multiple national champion and a medals collector at the European contests. Andrei will also receive the big master title although he?s still a junior?.
The referee Chirila remarked the talented girls as well. ?Sabina Foisor, 18 years old, and Raluca Sgarcea, will also receive the big master title. Iosefina Paulet, 10 years old, got the European champion title at her age?s class. Adelina Uta, 16 years old, was the only one to be awarded at the last year European contest?.

The Contest?s Sections
The Chess National Championship for Children and Juniors included several sections: practical chess national championship, Swiss system, 9 rounds; untying national championship, 2 laps; quick chess national championship, Swiss system 7 rounds and blitz national championship. All the competitors had a remarkable attitude and this year edition was a real success.


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