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Nr: 22
May- 2006

Afaceri între Braşov şi Leeds
Business Contacts with Leeds
Contatti d?affari con la città di Leeds
Fondurile structurale
Funds and Programs
Fondes et programmes
Fondi e programmi
Colegiul Prefectural
The Prefecture?s College
Le Collège Préfectoral
Sculptorul totemic
The totemic Sculptor
Lo scultore totemico
Fonduri europene la Budila
Budila is ready to join the UE
Budila è pronta ad entrarre nell?UE
Plugarul la Cuciulata
The Ploughman?s Custom
Il Costume dell?Aratore
O privatizare de succes
A successful Privatization
Une privatisation de succès
Una privatizzazione esitosa
Miracolele din Şinca
The Temple of Miracles
Le Temple des Miracles
Il Tempio dei Miracoli
Tradiţiile romilor
The Gypsies? Traditions
Les traditions des gitans
Turism antistres la Zărneşti
Anti-stress Tourism at Zărneşti
Tourisme anti-stress à Zarneşti
Profesioniştii muntelui
The Mountain?s Professionals
I professionisti della montagna
Şah la Predeal
Chess at Predeal
Scacco a Predeal
Zilele Braşovului
The Braşov?s Days
I Giorni di Braşov
?Flori din Ţara Bârsei?
?Fleurs de Ţara Bârsei?

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The Mountain?s Professionals



The Country?s Mountain Rescue Public Service Braşov is led by Mircea Opriş, the head of the National Mountain Rescue Service. The team of Braşov has only five active members plus their boss, acting on an area which includes Postăvarul Massif and the surroundings, Cheile Râşnoavei area (over to Timişul de Sus), Tâmpa area, extended to the limit of Postăvarul massif. In order to ensure the tourists? safety on the mountain, the rescuers collaborate with the Mountain Gendarmerie Braşov. They intervene quickly and efficiently at any call coming from the area they cover.

Fractures, Commotions, even Death
In order to understand this special job and the situation they confront to we met the rescuers squad on Postăvarul massif. As our interlocutor ? the rescuer Virgil Clin - told us, the mountain rescuers are solicited for a simple fracture, serious commotions and even deadly cases, regardless the weather and the season. ?The tourists would suffer less accidents if they would respect the marks and the warning signals on range. Many of them get lost on the mountain, especially when foggy. The slopes are protected by wire gauze but certain skiers move it away and get out of the slope, risking accidents. Others ignore the rules on sleigh, ski and snowboard slopes.

Round-the-clock Work
Emergency on the mountain is the professional rescuers? specialty; they are trained at the National Mountain Rescue Scholl to apply specific medical techniques. The qualified team permanently maintain, in all weathers, the trails on the mountain ranges. They work round-the-clock to be able to intervene with modern equipment: snowmobile, ATV, specific transportation devices, including the helicopter put on their disposal by a company in Braşpov.

Respecting the Mountain
The mountains rescuers say there are two kinds of tourists: the occasional one and the mountain lover. Both have to respect the mountains? laws; otherwise, the mountain doesn?t forgive. ?Accidents are provoked by the lack of the mountain education, the ignorance of tracings and marks. Those who don?t follow the warnings jeopardize their lives. Therefore, we strongly recommend the tourists to respect the instructions of the monitors, hotels owners, mountain guides and the weather forecast?, friendly admonishes Orban Blaziu, Mountain Rescuers foreman in Poiana Braşov.

Passion and Sacrifice
Mountain rescuers Orban Blaziu, Dan Stinghe, Ferencz Alexandru, Ionuţ Duval, Virgil Clin, coordinated by their chief Mircea Opriş act responsibly, with passion and sacrifice spirit as a team to save the tourists in danger.
Emergency number: 0SALVAMONT sau 112.
More information on: www.ansmr.ro sau www.alpinet.ro.


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