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Nr: 22
May- 2006

Afaceri între Braşov şi Leeds
Business Contacts with Leeds
Contatti d?affari con la città di Leeds
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Business Contacts with Leeds



The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Braşov recently received the visit of a businessmen British delegation, led by the mayor of the third economic centre in Great Britain ? Leeds. The purpose of the meetings hosted by the Chamber was to offer the British delegation a first contact with the business environment in Braşov, followed by several visits at some local companies.

Cooperation Offers
According to Silviu Costea, vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce, both parts have launched specific cooperation offers, at strategic level through the cambers of commerce, and at commercial level as well, through the companies that attended the event.

Bilateral Partnership
As a support the development of the local business environment, the Chamber of Braşov initiated discussions with the representatives of the British-Romania Chamber of Commerce in London, in order to establish a bilateral partnership meant to promote the British investments in the area and the commercial trades with Braşov. Within this framework, the participants also discussed the opportunity to constitute investments funds with British capital in Romania, to support the development of the small and medium enterprises.

Know-how Transfers
According to Nicolae Tucunel, the president of CCI Braşov, approaches have been already made in order to start furnishing contracts concerning products made in Braşov to clients of Great Britain. The possibility to extend the partnerships upon the know-how transfer was also discussed.
CCI Braşov intends to support thenceforth the approaches of the twinning between Braşov and Leeds by harmonizing the requests and the economical potential of the area.


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