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Nr: 166-170
May-September 2018

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Braşov Tourism App
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Cerbul de Aur 2018
"Golden Stag" Festival 2018
„Der Goldene Hirsch“ 2018
Aranyszarvas 2018
„Jocul Braşoveanca”
“Braşoveanca” Folk Dance
„Der Brasoveanca-Tanz“
A Braşoveanca tánc
Piața Artei
“Piața Artei”
Der Platz der Kunst
Művészetek Tere
Transilvania Train
Transilvania Train
Transilvania Train
Transilvania Train
„Cavalerii Teutoni se întorc în Cetatea Feldioara”
„Cavalerii Teutoni se întorc în Cetatea Feldioara”
„Die Rückkehr der Kreuzritter in die Marienburg“
A teuton lovagok visszatérnek Földvárra
Invitație la Hălchiu
Invitation to visit Hălchiu
Einladung nach Heldsdorf
Meghívó Höltövénybe
Vama Buzăului, stațiune turistică
Vama Buzăului Tourist Resort
Vama Buzăului als Reisedestination
Bodzavám turisztikai település
Interes turistic, la Prejmer
Tourist Perspective
Touristen sind an Tartlau interessiert
Turisztikai érdeklődés Prázsmáron
Hărman - Muntele Mierii
Hărman - The Mount of Honey
Honigberg – der Berg des Honigs
Szászhermány – Mézhegy
Sânpetru, filă de istorie
Sânpetru, a piece of history
Aus der Geschichte von Petersberg
Szentpéter, a történelem lapjai
420.000 de turiști, in Cetatea Râșnov
420,000 tourists at Cetatea Râșnov
420.000 Touristen in der Rosenauer Bauernburg
420 000 turista Barcarozsnyó várában

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Tourist Perspective


Prejmer is a commune in the county of Braşov, situated on the cultural road linking Braşov to Vama Buzăului. Tourists are more and more interested in visiting this locality, because they can practice various forms of tourism and can visit several historical and natural attractions. Those interested in scientific research can visit the forest and the eutrophic marshes, a natural reserve of national interest.


The natural area contains a great variety of flora, among which are also included flowers with rare elements, some of which are protected at European level. The fauna has several mammalian species such as the deer, the fox, the wild boar, the wild cat, and the squirrel, along with many rare birds.
Access routes to the reserve: DJ 112, following the route Hărman – Podul Olt and DN 11 Brașov – Lunca Câlnicului.

Tourist attractions

In the immediate vicinity of the natural reserve, there are several tourist attractions, namely places of worship and historical monuments. The most important are: the Fortified Evangelical Church in Prejmer dating back to the 13th century (UNESCO World Cultural Heritage), an ensemble consisting of a church, a fortified enclosure with a defense road, two towers, two bulwarks and a gate tower, and the St. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church (in Romanian: Biserica Ortodoxă „Sf. Petru și Paul”) in Prejmer, built in 1769, at the expense of four merchants in Brașov. It was built on the site of a 16th century wooden church. The church is classified as a historical monument with murals.

Organic products

The Mayor of Prejmer, Serban Todorica-Constantin, says that “There is a double interest in visiting our commune: that of tourists, and also ours, because it is in our interest to promote our historical and natural cultural heritage and the organic products. We are committed to promote the organic products made by students of Colegiul pentru Agricultură și Industrie Alimentară Prejmer (College for Agriculture and Food Industry), from own produce: jams, syrups, compotes and herbal teas from the educational farm. Those who wish to can buy rhubarb jam or cake, dandelion, fir tree or acacia syrup.”

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