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Nr: 146-149
September-December 2016

Județul Brașov, oferta turistică
Brasov County, touristic offer
Das Tourismusangebot des Kreises Kronstadt
Brassó megye turisztikai ajánlata
Neotour ? Vacanțe la înălțime
Neotour ? Vacations on heights
Neotour - Urlaub auf der Höhe
Neotour - vakáció a magasban
Salvamont, pregătit de iarnă
Mountain Rescue, prepared for winter
Salvamont-Bergwacht bereit für den Winter
A Salvamont felkészült a télre
Vânătorii de Munte - 100 de ani
Mountain Infantry - 100 years
Ein Jahrhundert seit Gründung dieser Waffengattung
Hegyivadászok - 100 év
Cor cu tenori femei, la Dumbrăviţa
Female tenor choir in Dumbravita
Frauen als Tenor in Dumbrăvița
Női tenorkórus Szúnyogszéken
Feldioara: "Jocul Ursului"
Female tenor choir in Dumbravita
Marienburg: "Der Bärentanz"
Földvár: Medvetánc
Pădurile bătrâne de la Homorod
Old forests in Homorod
Die alten Wälder bei Hamruden
Homoródi szekuláris erdők
Mândra - Muzeul de pânze şi poveşti
Mandra ? A museum of fabrics and stories
Mândra ? Das Tuch- und Märchenmuseum
Mundra ? Vászon és Mesék Múzeuma
Ceremonial nocturn la Moieciu
Night ceremony in Moieciu
Nächtliche Feier in Moieciu
Éjszakai ceremónia Moécsen
Contactează dinozaurii!
Get in contact with the dinosaurs!
Triff die Dinos
Lépj kapcsolatba a dinókkal!
Orașul Zărnești - Reper turistic
Zarnesti town ? touristic mark
Zărnești ? Touristische Kennzeichen
Zernyest város turistacélpont
Doripesco, relaxare gastronomică
Doripesco, gastronomic relaxation
Doripesco ? gastronomische Erholung
Doripesco, gasztronómiai kényeztetés

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Night ceremony in Moieciu



Moieciu commune consists of six villages: Moieciu de Jos, Moieciu de Sus, Cheia, Drumul Carului, Magura and Pestera, all of them being part of an area having a very high tourism potential, suitable for developing all forms of tourism. In the last years, the mountain agricultural tourism developed and the quality of services in the accommodation units increased.
Moieciu area is the ideal place for spending a successful vacation outdoors.
The natural frame offering marvellous landscapes, the air full of ozone, ecologic traditional gastronomic products, mountain water springs, hospitality of the locals and the customs and traditions determine the tourist to spend their vacations in this place.

Rural tourism

?The experienced gained in the past few years has proven us that the rural tourism is a successful business, prefiguring as the main viable source of development of this area. Out of the practiced forms of tourism, I would like to mention the rest tourism ? encouraged by natural factors and landscaping frame, weekend tourism, preferred due to the relatively small distances between the area and the big cities and hiking, practiced throughout the year in the surrounding areas and on the Bucegi and Piatra Craiului mountains?, said Mr Mircea Manea, Mayor of Moieciu.

Burnt stake

The cultural event tourism is another form of tourism determining people to specially come to this place in order to participate in events for promoting the customs and traditions to the locals. Among these, we would like to mention the custom called ?Sumedru?s fire?, a night ceremony for renewal of the calendar time. Organizers build a big fire, looking like a burnt stake, around which all the people living in the village gather. They all shout together ?Let?s go to Sumedru?s fire!?. Women give away bagels, nuts and apples. At the end, participants take hot charcoals and use it to fertilize their gardens and orchards.

Protecting fire

Actually, the holiday has a pre-Christian principle, and the fires that used to be built had the purpose of banishing the evil spirits. In Bran / Moieciu / Fundata area, where the main occupation is raising sheep, the ?Sumedru?s Fire? custom is considered ?the living fire? of Romanian shepherds, the fire symbolising the purification of the shepherds and herds in particular. This year, in Moieciu commune, on ?Sumedru?s Fire? was also organized an artistic program performed by young local talents.


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