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Nr: 135-137
October-December 2015

"Brașov 2021"
"Brasov 2021"
"Braşov 2021"
"Brassó 2021"
Ascensiuni montane
Mountain ascent
Hegyi túrák
Jocul strămoşesc de la Crucea Dreptăţii
The ancestral dance at the Justice Cross
Alter Brauch beim Kreuz der Gerechtigkeit
Ősi tánc az Igazságkeresztnél
Brașovul, capitala jocurilor tradiționale
Brasov, the capital of traditional games
Kronstadt ? Hauptstadt traditioneller Kinderspielen
Brassó, a hagyományos játékok fővárosa
Obiceiuri de Crăciun și Anul Nou
Customs for Christmas and New Year?s Eve
Weihnachts- und Neujahrsbräuche
Karácsonyi és újévi szokás
"Fulg de Nea"
"Snow Flake"
Zestrea comunei Hărman
The dower of village Harman
Ein Kulturerbe der Gemeinde Honigberg
Szászhermány öröksége
Viitor ecologic, la Vama Buzăului
Ecological future in Vama Buzaului
Ökologische Zukunft in Vama Buzăului
Ökológiai jövő Bodzavámon
,,Muzeul Ursuleţilor de pluş"
,,Teddy bear Museum"
"Das Museum der Stoffbären"
Plüssmaci múzeum
Gala Tezaure Umane Vii
The Alive Human Treasures Gala
Gala des immateriellen Kulturerbes
Élő emberi kincs gála

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The Alive Human Treasures Gala


The Ministry of Culture, in collaboration with the National Village Museum "Dimitrie Gusti" and the Romanian Academy organized in November 9th 2015, the Alive Human Treasures Gala, according to the Alive Human Treasures Program ? an UNESCO initiative regarding safeguarding, preservation and transmission of the material cultural heritage.
Through this program, we managed to emphasize the activity of the artists who laboriously dedicated their lives, with tradition and passion, to learning "from father to son" the secrets of the trades they have promoted both at national and international level, contributing to Romania?s image around the world.

People from Brasov who got awards

In the county of Brasov, Alive Human Treasures have been declared to be Dumitru Sofonea ? a skinner from Dragus village, Barko Etelca ? an award for egg painting and Ioan Pumnea ? a choreographer. Within the Gala organized in Bucharest, a post-morten diploma was also awarded to Nicolae Purcarea, a cutting and wood sculpture artist from Scheii Brasovului, who died in September 2015. After the awards ceremony from the National Village Museum "Dimitrie Gusti", the Alive Human Treasures went to Cotroceni Palace, where President Klaus Iohannis awarded them the Medal for Cultural Achievements class 3.

70 years of activity

"This year I will have been working in this field for 70 years. I am glad I am alive and that I am being rewarded for my entire career. The President of Romania, Mister Klaus Iohannis welcomed us in Cotroceni Palace, and he handed me the medal for ?Cultural Achievements class 3?. Romania?s national anthem was sung, we had a glass of champagne and a group photo. Everything was absolutely amazing." declared choreographer Ioan Pumnea, known by everybody as "Nea` Nica", obviously excited.

Fecioreasca din Ardeal, in UNESCO

Ioan Pumnea has also said that the folk dances group from Ticusul Nou, Brasov county, made up and coordinated by himself, was included in UNESCO world heritage. This group of male folk dances is also known as "Fecioreasca din Ardeal". The announcement was officially made and the awarding celebration shall be organized in the spring of 2016, in Namibia.


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