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Nr: 135-137
October-December 2015

"Brașov 2021"
"Brasov 2021"
"Braşov 2021"
"Brassó 2021"
Ascensiuni montane
Mountain ascent
Hegyi túrák
Jocul strămoşesc de la Crucea Dreptăţii
The ancestral dance at the Justice Cross
Alter Brauch beim Kreuz der Gerechtigkeit
Ősi tánc az Igazságkeresztnél
Brașovul, capitala jocurilor tradiționale
Brasov, the capital of traditional games
Kronstadt ? Hauptstadt traditioneller Kinderspielen
Brassó, a hagyományos játékok fővárosa
Obiceiuri de Crăciun și Anul Nou
Customs for Christmas and New Year?s Eve
Weihnachts- und Neujahrsbräuche
Karácsonyi és újévi szokás
"Fulg de Nea"
"Snow Flake"
Zestrea comunei Hărman
The dower of village Harman
Ein Kulturerbe der Gemeinde Honigberg
Szászhermány öröksége
Viitor ecologic, la Vama Buzăului
Ecological future in Vama Buzaului
Ökologische Zukunft in Vama Buzăului
Ökológiai jövő Bodzavámon
,,Muzeul Ursuleţilor de pluş"
,,Teddy bear Museum"
"Das Museum der Stoffbären"
Plüssmaci múzeum
Gala Tezaure Umane Vii
The Alive Human Treasures Gala
Gala des immateriellen Kulturerbes
Élő emberi kincs gála

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"Brasov 2021"


For two weeks, respectively between November 23rd and December 6th, the Days of the European Capital of Culture? Brasov 2021 will be organized in Brasov, an important communication action for the public regarding the importance of supporting the cultural project "Brasov 2021", dedicated to the citizens of Brasov and to the Metropolitan Area of Brasov.
Brasov is a beautiful, historic, touristic city, taking care of nature and people, with many cool things and places. Brasov, the only mountain city in Romania candidating for the title of European Capital of Culture, suggests Europe 2021 a cultural concept all Europeans feel close to: the Mountain Civilization

Cultural events

Sica Alexandrescu Theatre, Arlechino Theatre, Strada Theatre, the Particular Theatre, Patria Film Archive, Brasov Philharmonics, Tudor Ciortea Music High-School, Brasov Opera, Casa Muresenilor Museum, the Ethnography Museum, the Museum of Urban Civilization, the County History Museum, Stefan Octavian Iosif Bookshop, Reduta Cultural Centre, George Baritiu County Library offer to the people in Brasov two weeks of cultural events. Theatre and puppet plays, Romanian and European film, exhibitions, concerts, reading club ? these are just a few of the events which are part of the Days of the European Capital of Culture ? Brasov 2021.

Support actions

The series of events shall end with a concert of the musician from Brasov Horia Brenciu &HB Orchestra, offered for free by the Metropolitan Agency Brasov and by the Town Hall Brasov, on December 4th, in Sala Sporturilor from Brasov. The opening act will belong to Folclorik, a band from Brasov, together with the ballet group "Cabaret Rising Sun". The last event of the Days of the European Capital of Culture ? Brasov 2021 is lighting the Christmas fir-tree in Piata Sfatului, in December 6th , a tradition already in Brasov.
Brasov is candidating for the title of European Capital of Culture in 2021.

Advantages before the jury

"The international jury shall decide on December 8th upon the list of cities entering the final phase of the competition. The Metropolitan Agency, the Town Hall Brasov and cultural institutions in Brasov offer to the public a series of events supporting the candidature of Brasov before the jury.
Brasov needs a major change in its life and it invites Europe today to build together the European Capital of Culture 2021. Europe would be poorer without the people who love the Mountain. In 2021, in a cultural city of the European Union, for the first time in the history of the world, millions of people will "breathe" culture, being inspired by the protecting presence which accompanied the manhood ever since the first civilizations: THE MOUNTAIN. " declared Dragos David, Manager of the Metropolitan Agency for Sustainable Development Brasov.


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