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Nr: 132-134
July-September 2015

Brașov 2021 - Capitala Europeană a Culturii
Brasov 2021 - The European Capital of Culture
Kronstadt/Braşov 2021 ? Europäische Kulturhauptstadt
Brassó 2021 - Európa Kulturális Fővárosa
Păpușarii ARLECHINO și secretele lor
ARLECHINO puppeteers and their secrets
Die Arlechino-Puppen und ihre Geheimnisse
Mesék Karavánja
"Crai Nou"
"Crai Nou"
"Crai Nou"
Új király
Aleea cărții
The book lane
Die Buchallee
Garofița Pietrei Craiului
Garofița Pietrei Craiului Festival
Das Festival "Königstein-Nelke"
Királykői szekfű
Brand românesc: Ia
Romanian brand: the Ie (Romanian traditional shirt)
Die Ia-Bluse ? ein echt rumänisches Markenzeichen
Román brand: a hímzett ing
Festivalul Pescăresc "Delta din Carpați"
"Delta din Carpati" (the Carpathian Delta) fishing festival
Das Fischfestival "Das Delta der Karpaten"
A Kárpátok Deltája Halfesztivál
Sala Tronului, redeschisă după 50 de ani
The Throne Room, reopened after 50 years
Der Thronsaal ? nach 50 Jahre wieder offen
A tróntermet 50 év múltán
Feldioara, o istorie impresionantă
Feldioara, an impressive history
Marienburg ? beeindruckende Geschichte
Földvár- lenyűgöző történelem
Zilele Ghimbavului
The Days of Ghimbav
Die Weidenbacher Tage
Vidombáki napok
Hălchiul și comorile trecutului
Halchiu and the treasures of the past
Heldsdorf und seine Schätze der Vergangenheit
Höltövény és a múlt kincsei
Teliu: ateliere de sculptură, piele şi lut
Teliu: sculpture, leather and pottery workshops
Teliu: Werkstätte für Skulptur, Leder- und Tonbearbeitung
Keresztvár: művésztábor

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The Days of Ghimbav



From July 10th to 12th 2015, the Town Hall and the Local Council of Ghimbav town organized "The Days of the Town", an event that is already a tradition, and gathers more and more tourists thanks to the aviation show, the authentic folklore and performances of the vocalists, accompanied by recitals performed by famous bands in the country.
For three days, tourists had the chance to enjoy Romanian traditional dishes, authentically cooked, to have a great time and to relax in a natural environment, taking advantage of the nice weather outside.

Aviation show

The aviation show was performed by the pilots from "Mircea Zorileanu" Flying Club in Ghimbav, who came with a series of sport aircrafts performing exceptional acrobatics that left the spectators breathless. During the event, the organizers of the aviation show also released parachute jumpers who managed to land on a fixed point, proving professionalism and experience. The aviation show was a great success and even after it ended people were still talking and exchanging views on the high risk acrobatics.

The folklore, very popular

It was established that lately, tourists are more and more interested in customs and traditions, in traditional songs and dances, regardless of the culture they belong to. Therefore, the organizers set up a complex folk programme, opened by "Doruletul Ghimbav" Group, "Doruletul Junior" and the Choir of the Ghimbav Secondary-School. "Junii Cristianului" Group, Trio Folcloric and several local artists also performed on the stage. Special guests: Veta Biris and Mariana Anghel.

Music and fireworks

During the celebration of "The Days of Ghimbav", the Town Hall awarded several people who stood out in the community "Citizen of honour" diplomas. It is also worth mentioning the following performances: "Coco Band" and "Iris" recitals that made those who were present to sing and dance with their favourite singers. The event ended with a marvellous fireworks display enchanting the spectators.


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