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Nr: 129-131
April-June 2015

Pașaport brașovean, de Ziua Europei
Passport issued in Brasov on Europe Day
Zum Europa-Tag der Kronstädter Reisepass
Brassói útlevél Európa napján
Brașov Walks
Brasov Walks
Braşov Walks
Brassó Walks
"Festivalul de dans ROMANA"
"ROMANA Dancing Festival"
"Das Tanzfestival Romana"
ROMANA táncfesztivál
Sașii din Transilvania
Transylvanian Saxons
Die Siebenbürger Sachsen
Erdélyi szászok
Ziua Meșteșugurilor Maghiare
The Hungarian Craft Day
Der Tag der ungarischen Handwerker
A magyar népművészet napja
Ziua Ierusalimului
Jerusalem Day
Der Tag Jerusalems
Jeruzsálem napja
Cristian, povestea unei localități
Cristian, the story of a locality
Neustadts Geschichte
Keresztényfalva, egy település története
Hărman: 1500 de orgi, restaurate
Harman: 1500 reconditioned pipe organs
Honigberg: Orgelrestaurierung
Szászhermány: 1500 felújított orgona
Cocoșul arțăgos din Sânpetru
The grouchy rooster from Sanpetru
Der streitsüchtige Hahn von Petersberg
A szentpéteri mérges kakas
Iriși, narcise și legende
Irises, daffodils(narcissus) and legends
Schwertlilien, Narzissen und Sagen
Nőszirmok, nárciszok és legendák
Teliu: Festivalul "Vatra Satului"
"Vatra Satului" Festival in Teliu
Teliu: Das Festival "Das Heim des Dorfes"
Keresztvár: A faluközpont fesztivál
Doripesco, la TUTTO FOOD - Milano
Doripesco, at TUTTO FOOD - Milan
Doripesco bei der Mailänder Tutto-Food-Messe
Doripesco, a milánói TUTTO FOOD-on

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Doripesco, at TUTTO FOOD - Milan


Tutto Food - the International Exhibition dedicated to the Food Industry, the biggest event specialized in the food area in Italy, took place in Milan, from May 3rd to May 6th 2015. The Romanian producers presented at this event fish products, meat and meat products, canned food, bakery products, pastry and sweets, nuts and candied fruits, sodas and sparkling water, beer, etc. The brands from Brasov presenting their products at this international event were Doripesco and Sergiana.

Doripesco, the only participant with fish products

Doripesco Company from Brasov was the only representative of Romania who presented fish products. Doripesco pleased the visitors with their traditional fish products such as: delicious carp roe salad, trout and carp smoked products, trout and fish paste, as well as delicious, dietetic and healthy fish specialties: fish and mushrooms appetizer, sautéed trout and spinach, vinaigrette and trout ragout. Romanians living in Italy were really amazed with the Doripesco products, and alleviated their pain for being away from their homes by tasting the products they were used to and which are like "home" to them.

The taste of the fish from back home

The Italian consumer of fish products appreciated the sautéed trout and spinach and the fish and mushrooms appetizer, dietetic products, prepared for those with refined taste.
"Even if Doripesco products are present in certain regions in Italy, we definitely want to develop the existent partnerships and add new clients to our portfolio, and TUTO FOOD represented an opportunity to meet new potential partners and promoting Doripesco products. Italy has the biggest Romanian community and the joy they felt when seeing our traditional fish specialties makes our every effort for bringing the taste of the fish from home closer to them worthwhile", said Mrs. Ruxandra Coc, Development Manager.

Doripesco specialties, appreciated by notable figures

At the Doripesco stand people like: Mr. Adrian Georgescu ? Minister Adviser, Mr. Theodor Valentin Purcarea ? President of the Romanian Distribution Committee, Mr. Riccardo Garosci ? Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Simona Marascu ? Economic Adviser within the Commercial Office ? Milan, Mr. Georgian Ghervasie - Romania?s General Commissioner to Expo Milano, Mr. Flavius Apostolescu ? Adviser within the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Tourism, as well as many other notable figures stopped and tasted the Romanian traditional fish specialties.


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