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Nr: 129-131
April-June 2015

Pașaport brașovean, de Ziua Europei
Passport issued in Brasov on Europe Day
Zum Europa-Tag der Kronstädter Reisepass
Brassói útlevél Európa napján
Brașov Walks
Brasov Walks
Braşov Walks
Brassó Walks
"Festivalul de dans ROMANA"
"ROMANA Dancing Festival"
"Das Tanzfestival Romana"
ROMANA táncfesztivál
Sașii din Transilvania
Transylvanian Saxons
Die Siebenbürger Sachsen
Erdélyi szászok
Ziua Meșteșugurilor Maghiare
The Hungarian Craft Day
Der Tag der ungarischen Handwerker
A magyar népművészet napja
Ziua Ierusalimului
Jerusalem Day
Der Tag Jerusalems
Jeruzsálem napja
Cristian, povestea unei localități
Cristian, the story of a locality
Neustadts Geschichte
Keresztényfalva, egy település története
Hărman: 1500 de orgi, restaurate
Harman: 1500 reconditioned pipe organs
Honigberg: Orgelrestaurierung
Szászhermány: 1500 felújított orgona
Cocoșul arțăgos din Sânpetru
The grouchy rooster from Sanpetru
Der streitsüchtige Hahn von Petersberg
A szentpéteri mérges kakas
Iriși, narcise și legende
Irises, daffodils(narcissus) and legends
Schwertlilien, Narzissen und Sagen
Nőszirmok, nárciszok és legendák
Teliu: Festivalul "Vatra Satului"
"Vatra Satului" Festival in Teliu
Teliu: Das Festival "Das Heim des Dorfes"
Keresztvár: A faluközpont fesztivál
Doripesco, la TUTTO FOOD - Milano
Doripesco, at TUTTO FOOD - Milan
Doripesco bei der Mailänder Tutto-Food-Messe
Doripesco, a milánói TUTTO FOOD-on

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Passport issued in Brasov on Europe Day



Europe Day was celebrated in a big way in Brasov and was marked with the conference entitled "Brasov way to Europe, through Smart City", organizing the Multiculturalism Days, promoted by the Information and Guidance Centre for Tourists and organizing a Romanian traditional food fair, also including stands of other cultures from countries on four continents. The event started with the Ode to Joy dedicated both to the European regions and to multiculturalism.

Brasov, smart city

"We organized the conference < Brasov way to Europe, through Smart City > in order to prove that Brasov is an intelligent city deserving to be chosen as the European Capital in 2021. Brasov city has tourism perspective and stands out through its urban development. The Silk Road, the access way to West for the Eastern people, used to cross this area. We seized the opportunity that came along with the Europe Day and we succeeded this year, by joining forces, to bring cultures from four continents. The people from Brasov and the tourists had a chance to admire the traditions from the participants? country of origin", declared Mr. Christian Macedonschi, the organizer.

Story workshop

"For the second year in a row, Europe Day was celebrated in Brasov by organizing a very special festival. The guests visited a Romanian workshop with successful stories, conceived as a live TV show. We had guests from the hospitality industry, and also masters of traditional gastronomy who presented old dishes, appreciated and tasted by tourists, rebranded just enough to be competitive, but preserving their vintage features and flavour. The Romanian cold-pressed oil, awarded in Brussels, was highly appreciated", said Mrs. Anemona Hermeneanu.

Multiculturalism Day

"Within Europe Day we organised the 3rd edition of the in Brasov, who lasted for three days at the Reduta Cultural Centre, in the Council Square and at Coresi Mall. We had guests from Ukraine, Republic of Moldova, China, Australia, Korea, Iran and South America. Everybody admired the traditional clothing and appreciated the shows on a small scale that included specific traditions, practices and customs of the native country. The traditional clothing presentation, the music and the international traditions had great success", declared Mrs. Astrid Hamberger from the Information and Guidance Centre for Tourists from Brasov.


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