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Nr: 123-125
October-December 2014

Înfrăţire Braşov ? Nurnberg
Twinning between the Cities of Brasov and Nuremberg
Die Städtefreundschaft Kronstadt ? Nürnberg
Brassó ? Nürnberg testvérkapcsolat
Proiecte de interes comunitar
Projects of Public Interest
Projekte mit Gemeindecharakter
Közösségi tervek
Braşov: Magia staţiunilor montane
Brasov: the Magic of Mountain resorts
Kronstadt/Braşov: Der Zauber der Bergkurorte
Brassó: hegyi üdülők mágiája
Biserica "Sf. Bartolomeu"
St. Bartholomew`s Church
Die Bartholomäus-Kirche
A Szent Bertalan templom
Sinagoga "Casa lui Israel"
?The House of Israel? Synagogue
Die Synagoge "Das Haus Israel"
Az Izrael háza zsinagóga
Folclor autentic, la Dumbrăviţa
Genuine Folklore in Dumbravita
Echte Folklore in Dumbrăviţa
Autentikus folklór Szúnyogszéken
Vizitează Feldioara!
Pay a visit to Feldioara!
Einladung zu einem Besuch
Látogass Földvárra!
Vacanţă de suflet, la Homorod
A Perfect Getaway in Homorod
Sommerferien in Hamruden
Vakáció Homoródon
Sânpetru: "Zâmbetul copiilor"
Sanpetru: ?A smile on children?s faces?
Petersberg: "Das Lächeln der Kinder"
Szentpéter: Gyermekek mosolya
Surate ? fraţi de cruce
Spiritual Brotherhood
Teliu: Identitate şi diversitate
Teliu: Identity and Diversity
Teliu: Identität und Vielfalt
Keresztvár: identitás és diverzitás
Vama Buzăului: Tradiţie
Tradition in Vama Buzaului
Tradition in Vama Buzăului
Bodzavám: hagyomány

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Teliu: Identity and Diversity



Teliu is a locality situated in the County of Brasov that carries along the ruins of a Dacian citadel, from the 1st century before Christ. There are also documents indicating that a ?KRAISBURG? Teutonic Knights citadel existed here in 1216. Over the time the locality was given different names: Thiel, Tel, Teliu. Kreuzburg or Kerestvar (The Citadel of the Cross), by the Transylvanian Saxons from the neighbouring town of Prejmer. Among the tourist attractions, it?s worth mentioning: Poiana Florilor (The Flower Meadow) which has three tunnels and a viaduct built in 1933, the Viaduct of the Flowers and the Railway Tunnel.

Customs and Traditions

?Teliu is a multicultural locality, where Romanians, Hungarians and Romani people live together. The customs and traditions, the traditional clothing and the specific occupations represent ways of preserving the identity for each one of them. Every year we organise a series of cultural events which gather around the entire community, and where every ethnic group displays its specific clothes, music and dance. For the second half of the year we are organizing two events: "The Autumn Song" (?Cantec de toamna?) in Teliu and the Festival Transylvanian Soul (?Suflet Transilvan?) dedicated to the Nativity, a festival that closes the cultural year in Teliu. The events are more and more diversified and rich in terms of cultural opportunities. The young generation is the one carrying this imposing legacy further?, said Mr. Vasile Serban, Mayor of Teliu.

?The Autumn Song? (Cantec de toamna?)

The 8th Edition of the Autumn Song festival organized in Teliu started with a traditional clothing parade accompanied by the local brass band from Vulcan, with young men dressed in traditional costumes and riding horses. The agenda of the event included: "Cetatuia" Folk Dance and Music Group, "Zold Pantlika" Folk Dance and Music Group from Teliu, "Junii Cristianului" Folk Dance and Music Group, "Transylvanian Soul" folk music band and the recitals performed by Luminita Rujan and Ioan Bocsa. The icing on the cake was the celebration of the 50th golden wedding anniversary of four families from Teliu.

?Transylvanian Soul?

The 3rd Edition of the "Transylvanian Soul" Festival closes the series of events dedicated to the Nativity and the Christmas holidays, organized by the local kindergarten and middle school children. ?The purpose of the events we organize is that the young generation rediscover the traditional values and get to know the specific characteristics of their native region. We carry out multicultural activities and we pay a lot of attention to the holidays that make us evolve spiritually, such as the Nativity on Christmas Day?, said Mr. Costin Butnar, Priest in Teliu.


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