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Nr: 117-119
April-June 2014

"De la căruţă, la zborul cu motor"
"From carriage to motor-powered aircraft"
"Vom Pferdewagen zum Motorflug"
A szekértől a motoros repülésig
Instituţia Prefectului - 150 de ani
150 years of the Prefect`s Institution celebration
Das Amt des Präfekten ? 150 Jahre
150 éves a prefektusi hivatal
Descoperă sufletul Transilvaniei!
Discover the Heart of Transylvania!
Entdecke die Seele Siebenbürgens!
Fedezd fel Erdély lelkét!
Târgul de Florii și Paște
Florii (Palm Sunday) and Easter Fair
Virágvasárnapi és húsvéti vásár
Zilele Braşovului
The Days of Brasov
Die Kronstädter Tage
Brassó napjai
Armindeni în Transilvania
May Day in Transylvania
Das Maifest in Siebenbürgen
Májusfa napja Erdélyben
Basarabia - File din Poveste
Bessarabia ? Pages from a tale
Bessarabien ? ein Märchenland
Besszarábia ? mesék világa
Noul sezon de turism rural
A new rural tourism season
Die neue Saison im Dorftourismus
Új évad a falusi turizmusban
Bucătărie tradiţională sănătoasă
A Healthy Traditional Cuisine
Gesunde traditionelle Küche
Egészséges hagyományos konyha
Cununa Florilor ? Kronenfest
Kronenfest or Flower Crown
Das Kronenfest
Virágkoszorú ? Kronenfest
Şercaia: Ocazii suplimentare de relaxare
Extra Relaxation Opportunities in Sercaia
Schirkanyen: Zusätzliche Möglichkeiten zum Entspannen
Sárkány: Kikapcsolódási lehetőségel
Şinca Nouă ? moştenire vie
Sinca Noua, a Living Legacy
Şinca Nouă ? ein lebendiges Erbe
Újsinka ? élő örökség

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"From carriage to motor-powered aircraft"



The velocipede, the great grandfather of today`s bicycle, is a reference item of the new exhibition from the History Museum. "From carriage to motor-powered aircraft" is a story told through images and items of collection recommended by the new manager of the museum, historian Nicolae Pepene.
The theme of this exhibition observed the specific characteristics of Brasov region and the items that the public had the opportunity to see included: the velocipede, which once rolled on the streets of Brasov in the last decade of the 19th century, the scale model of "Calugareni" locomotive which was first operated on a Romanian railway, in October 1869 on route Bucharest-Giurgiu, the scale model of the aircraft made at IAR (the Romanian Aeronautic Industry) in the 30s, the scale model of "Puma" helicopter made at ICA (the Aeronautical Construction Industry) Ghimbav in 1975 or the scale model of the first Romanian tractor "I.A.R. 22" released from the assembly line on December 26th 1946.

With the help of Collectors

The exhibition became possible thanks to the help of the collectors from Brasov, and it represents the history of Brasov from the 13th century (1235) when the Transylvanian Saxons settled here, bringing also their carriages with them.
"Visitors can admire in this exhibition the ancestor of the bicycle in Brasov which is the velocipede. Few museums in Europe can take pride in having such items. I believe that this is once again a proof that Brasov has a wonderful cultural heritage and all we need to do is find time to admire it," said Mr Nicolae Pepene, Director of the History Museum of Brasov.
The exhibition can be visited from April to May 2014 at the County History Museum of Brasov in the Council`s Square.

History Lovers

"The new Director of the History Museum, Mr Nicolae Pepene, is a young man, a very good manager, who does wonderful things for the culture of Brasov and who will carry forward the projects of the former director Mr Radu Stefanescu, now retired. After getting into this museum, the history lovers may get into contact with the medieval age which makes up an integral part of this Transylvanian Saxon burg. The museum houses original collections and items and this exhibition called is quite new," said Mr Artistotel Cancescu, Chairman of the County Council Brasov.

"A Memorable Town"

The County History Museum of Brasov has accomplished this cultural project in collaboration with the County Museum of Arges, the Art Museum of Brasov, the County National Archives Directorate of Brasov and collectors Gabriela Polak, Anca Maria Zamfir, Vasile Aldea, Cornel Balate, Tiberiu Blaga, Florian Branzea, Cristian Bratu, Zoltan Boer, Dorel Coconasu, Radu Hanke, Gheorghe Olaru, Gheorghe Radu, Calin Rapea, Kumria Rafail Rosu, Gheorghe Sorea, Ovidiu Talos ? "A Memorable Town".

Anca Lautaru
Your County, Brasov


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