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Nr: 114-116
January-March 2014

Trasee turistice cu trăsura, la Brașov
Tourist Routes by carriage in Brasov
Mit der Pferdekutsche durch Kronstadt
Lovaskocsival Brassóban
Sub lupa Prefectului
Monitored by the Prefect
Im Augenmerk des Präfekten
A Prefektus nagyítója alatt
Solidaritate Braşoveană
Brasov Solidarity
Kronstädter Solidarität
Brassói szolidaritás
Casa Sfatului, emblematică pentru Braşov
The Council House, a symbol for Brasov
Das Rathaus ? ein Kronstädter Wahrzeichen
Tanácsház ? Brassó emblémája
Târgul Internaţional de Carte şi Muzică
The International Book and Music Fair
Die Internationale Musik - und Buchmesse
Nemzetközi könyv- és zenevásár
Ski Pass, la Braşov
Ski Pass in Braşov
Der Ski-Pass in Kronstadt/Braşov
Ski Pass Brassóban
Tainele modelării lutului
The secretes of Clay Works
Die Geheimnisse des Tonformens
Az agyagművészet titkai
"Fărșangul" şi "Faschingul"
"Shrove Tuesday" and "Fasching"
"Fărşang" und Fasching
Farsang és Farsching
Predeal: Investiţii în zona turistică
Predeal: Investments in the tourist area
Predeal: Investitionen in den Tourismus
Predeál: idegenforgalmi beruházások
Balul Portului Popular
The Ball of the Dress
Der Trachtenball
A népviselet bálja
Popas la Teliu - Vale
Stopover in Teliu - Valley
Rastpause in Teliu-Vale
Keresztvári séta
"In Memoriam - Ioan Sorin Apan"
"In Memoriam - Ioan Sorin Apan"
In memoriam Ioan Sorin Apan
In Memoriam − Ioan Sorin Apan

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The International Book and Music Fair



After ten successful editions, the 11th edition (March 20th ? 23rd 2014) of the International Book and Music Fair Brasov, organized by the Association "Libris Cultural" and its partners, has become a traditional cultural mark of the month of March. This is an event which gathers together books and music lovers, tradition and novelty relying on the dynamic and vivid character of culture, by numerous book launches, music and poetry recitals, round tables and shows for its visitors.

Successful editions

"Along the 10 editions, the International Book and Music Fair has promoted every year the newest trends on the cultural market, Romanian writers and artists and has made it easier for the public to meet important names in the Romanian and international literature, theatre and music. We have also offered discounts and promotions from the publishing houses and record labels. The Fair in Brasov has distinguished by the big number of participants, visitors and important guests increasing year by year. The publishing and musical abundance was doubled by the numerous cultural events, which brought more value to the Fair." declared Virgil Onita, the President of the Association "Libris Cultural" Brasov.

Requirements of readers

The International Book and Music Fair is organized in Business Park, the most modern exhibition centre in Brasov. The organizers considered the requirements of the current readers and provided them with broad media coverage. Tradition and contemporaneity can be found in the generous cultural agenda at all times. This event revives the cultural space in Brasov and makes books alive. People who read and listen to music are given the opportunity to spend four unforgettable days in the company of books and good music.

Multicultural environment

By understanding the reality of the multicultural contemporary environment and also the value of local cultural identities, the activity of the Cultural Association Libris Brasov has always considered the preservation and promotion of culture, of Romanian artistic traditions in the country and abroad, as well as of young talents, attracting new generations towards literature and music.


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