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Nr: 114-116
January-March 2014

Trasee turistice cu trăsura, la Brașov
Tourist Routes by carriage in Brasov
Mit der Pferdekutsche durch Kronstadt
Lovaskocsival Brassóban
Sub lupa Prefectului
Monitored by the Prefect
Im Augenmerk des Präfekten
A Prefektus nagyítója alatt
Solidaritate Braşoveană
Brasov Solidarity
Kronstädter Solidarität
Brassói szolidaritás
Casa Sfatului, emblematică pentru Braşov
The Council House, a symbol for Brasov
Das Rathaus ? ein Kronstädter Wahrzeichen
Tanácsház ? Brassó emblémája
Târgul Internaţional de Carte şi Muzică
The International Book and Music Fair
Die Internationale Musik - und Buchmesse
Nemzetközi könyv- és zenevásár
Ski Pass, la Braşov
Ski Pass in Braşov
Der Ski-Pass in Kronstadt/Braşov
Ski Pass Brassóban
Tainele modelării lutului
The secretes of Clay Works
Die Geheimnisse des Tonformens
Az agyagművészet titkai
"Fărșangul" şi "Faschingul"
"Shrove Tuesday" and "Fasching"
"Fărşang" und Fasching
Farsang és Farsching
Predeal: Investiţii în zona turistică
Predeal: Investments in the tourist area
Predeal: Investitionen in den Tourismus
Predeál: idegenforgalmi beruházások
Balul Portului Popular
The Ball of the Dress
Der Trachtenball
A népviselet bálja
Popas la Teliu - Vale
Stopover in Teliu - Valley
Rastpause in Teliu-Vale
Keresztvári séta
"In Memoriam - Ioan Sorin Apan"
"In Memoriam - Ioan Sorin Apan"
In memoriam Ioan Sorin Apan
In Memoriam − Ioan Sorin Apan

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The Council House, a symbol for Brasov



Situated in the old city center in the Council Square, the Council House is one of the most representative buildings of the city, housing the History Museum and the Tourist Information Center. It represents a tourist junction point, being close to other emblematic buildings of Brasov: The Black Church, the Blacksmiths` Bastion and the old fortress walls with the Graft Bastion and the exterior towers ? the White Tower and the Black Tower. All these sites have been rehabilitated with the support of Brasov County Council, the last of them being the facade of the Council House.

The Trumpeters` Tower

An agreement was signed between the Skinners` Guild and the District Assembly of Tara Barsei on December 23rd 1420 for the construction of a building on the place where the Council House was.
The records from the beginning of the 16th century mention the building of a tower surrounded by four small towers, which was a sign of the infliction of the death punishment. The guards watched over the city from these towers day and night, announcing by trumpets the lapse of time, the burst of fire or the invasion of enemies. The name of the tower has remained the Trumpeters` Tower up to these days.

A Passion for History

"The Council House is a historical building and an identification mark of Brasov. My passion for history and collection of old items made me start several projects for the rehabilitation of the historical heritage of Brasov in order to restore it to its tourists. Another investment is about to be made at the Blacksmiths` Bastion, attested in documents in 1529. It is pentagon-shaped and its role was to protect the northern part of the city. There are historical buildings dating back to the medieval period which add value to this city and increase the tourists` interest," said Mr. Aristotel Cancescu, Chairman of the Brasov County Council.

A Symbolic Building

Reasons to visit the Council House of Brasov:
- It is the city`s symbolic building;
- You will have the change to literally walk in the footsteps of the Judge-Mayor and his advisors in the Council Chamber;
- You will discover the history of bygone times;
- You will find tourist information materials;
- You will discover Brasov through pictures with the help of the information offered by the Council House` skilled personnel.


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