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Nr: 105-107
April-June 2013

Aeroportul, start la pistă
Start of the airport construction
Der Flughafen: Start für die Abflugbahn
Repülőtért, start a leszállópályán
Braşovul multicultural
Brasov - a multicultural town
Das multikulturelle Kronstadt
A multikulturális Brassó
Guvernoratul Erbil, la Braşov
Erbil Governorate in Brasov
Die Leitung der Region Erbil in Kronstadt
Erbil kormányzója Brassóban
Zilele Braşovului ? "Oraşul Coroanei"
The Days of Brasov ? "Crown City"
Die Tage Kronstadts - "Die Stadt der Krone"
Brassó napok ? "A Korona városa"
Ziua Israelului, la Braşov
The Day of Israel, in Braşov
Israels Nationalfeiertag in Kronstadt
Izrael napja Brassóban
"Odaia cu Lumină Lină", în Castelul lui Dracula
"The Chamber with Soft Light", in the Castle of Dracula
"Die Kammer mit dem milden Licht" in Draculas Schloss
A lágy fény szobája Dracula kastélyában
Budila, vatră din secolul XIII
Budila, a settlement dating back to the 13th century
Budila, ein Dorf aus dem 13. Jahrhundert
Bodola, lakóhely a XIII. századból
Cristianul cu două vetre
Cristian tracing its roots from two directions
Cristian/Neustadt und seine Kerngebiete
A két központú Keresztényfalva
Artă creştină la Teliu
Christian art in Teliu
Christliche Kunst in Teliu
Keresztény művészet Keresztváron
Hărman: 1.500 de ouă încondeiate
Harman: 1500 painted eggs
Honigberg: 1.500 bemalte Eier
Szászhermány: 1 500 írott tojás
Primăvara, la Predeal
Springtime in Predeal
Frühjahr in Predeal
Tavasz Predeálon
"Dârstele Braşovului"
"The Fulling Mills of Brasov"
"Dârstele Brasovului"
"Brassó Derestyéje"

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Christian art in Teliu



A series of events for tourists are organized in commune Teliu, Brasov County, but also events addressed especially to Romanians in historical communities. The Town Hall of commune Teliu support this way such projects, the most important being "SINAPSA ? the Romanian Christian Art International Festival" aiming at activating the historical connections between the Romanians in the country and historical Romanian communities from Basarabia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Hungary and Ukraine. Purpose: knowing the common values regarding history, language, faith, traditions, folklore. The Festival shall be organized during July 7th-15th 2013, in localities from Brasov and Covasna counties: Teliu, Harman, Brasov, Sambăta de Sus, Sacele, Prejmer, Intorsura Buzaului and Vama Buzaului.

Sculpture camp

"During this period of time, a series of events dedicated to Easter Holidays and several festivals where our children can participate are organized in commune Teliu. I was impressed when I found children in the Church and they were confessing and communing for Easter. We have a new church and we have managed to make interior pictures, in fresco. The Orthodox Church Teliu ? Vale organizes during July 4th-7th 2013, a sculpture camp "Old traditions in new spirit", especially addressed to young people in the rural areas, with the support of the Town Hall Teliu. The event also attracts young people from counties Covasna and Harghita." declared Vasile Serban, the Mayor of commune Teliu.

Though endurance to Resurrection

In April 23rd, when Christians celebrate Saint George, the Association of the Romanian Christian Orthodox Students, the Social Cultural Association "Transylvanian Soul", University Transilvania Brasov, Students? House of Culture Brasov, the Orthodox Congregation Teliu - Vale and Town Hall Teliu organized a meeting ? show about the poetry of prisons. The event was named "Though endurance to Resurrection". The show was blessed by the Metropolitan of Ardeal, Laurentiu Streza.

Missing folk music

"We have a group of young people learning to sing at several instruments: guitar, whistle, piano and harmonica. We have brought 20 guitars and four electronic pianos from Germany that we have offered them to children. During May 18th-19th 2013, children shall participate in the 1st edition of the Festival ? "Missing Folk music" at the Cultural Centre Reduta, addressed to all skilled children and aims at reviving the interest for music and discovery and promotion of young talents, as well as the promotion of artistic debut." declared priest Costin Butnar from the Orthodox Church Teliu ? Vale.


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